2017 Road Program

Paving & Resurfacing

The following streets will be paved and/or resurfaced this year:

  • Alpine: Summit Park to Woodridge
  • Arlington: Fairfax to Fairmount
  • Berkshire: Coventry to Mornington Lane
  • Briarwood: Corydon to Cedar
  • Brinkmore: Quilliams to Fenley
  • Canterbury: Fairmount to Scarborough
  • Inglewood: Mayfield to Oakridge
  • Lowell: Quilliams to Roanoke
  • Monmouth: Lee Road to Arlington
  • North Park: Lee Road to Shelburne
  • Princeton: Fairmount to Scarborough
  • Roanoke: Noble to Northampton
  • Roxboro: W. St. James to Fairmount
  • Rutherford: Monticello to Northvale
  • Shelburne: Shaker Heights line to North Park
  • Woodridge: Noble to Yellowstone


The following streets will be chip sealed this year:

  • Bayreuth: North Taylor to Brunswick
  • Dresden: Hanover to Caledonia
  • Glenwood: Noble to Cleveland Heights Boulevard
  • Greyton: North Taylor to Noble
  • Grosvenor: Cummings to Staunton
  • Maple: Mayfield to Severn
  • Nelaview: North Taylor to Noble
  • Ravine: Eloise to Caledonia
  • Scarborough: Lee Road to Coventry
  • Somerton: Wilton to Superior
  • Yorkshire: Lee Road to Washington


This work is funded by the License Plate and Gasoline Tax.

Taylor Road (North and South) will be crack sealed with funding assistance from the Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works.

Further Information

For questions, please email Public Works or call 216-691-7300.