Posted on: January 5, 2018

Gas Aggregation/NOPEC

The City of Cleveland Heights has joined NOPEC (Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council), a non-profit Council of Governments comprised of 219 communities in 15 counties. It is a regionalized approach to secure better aggregation rates for consumers. In addition to joining NOPEC the City has contracted with them to join their gas aggregation program. Cleveland Heights residents will receive a letter the week of January 22nd  advising them that residents have been enrolled in the NOPEC gas aggregation program. The gas rate from April to June 2018 will be $3.39MCf.  Residents need take no action to be in the program however, those who wish to join another program will be able to opt out until February 23rd by using the postcard enclosed with the mailing.  For more information about NOPEC please refer to their website https://www.nopecinfo.org.

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