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1. Am I responsible for a previous owner's water bill balance?
2. How can I find out if I am eligible for a discount on my sewer charge for lawn sprinkling?
3. How can a tenant assume responsibility for the water and sewer bills?
4. How do I read my meter?
5. I have a problem with low water pressure. Whom do I call?
6. If I fill my swimming pool, will I be billed for the Sewer?
7. If my sewer backs up into the basement, whom do I contact?
8. If the radio remote meter stops registering, how will I be billed?
9. Is there a senior's discount on water charges?
10. May I send one check to pay both water and sewer bills?
11. My electrical power is out. Can anything be done?
12. My water bill is much higher this month than last. Why?
13. There is a damaged manhole cover on my street. Who should I contact?
14. There is water coming up into the street. Who should I contact?
15. To correct a misspelled name or correct a mailing address on my water bill, what number should I call?
16. What are the business hours for the Cleveland Heights Division of Water?
17. What should I do about my water service and bill when I sell my property or purchase new property?
18. What should I do if I lose my water or sewer bill?
19. Who is responsible for the equipment needed to supply water to my house?
20. Whom should I call to have the water turned on or off during repairs?
21. Why am I billed for sewerage?
22. Why am I billed a landfill fee?
23. Why does the water bill remain in the deed of owner's name?
24. Why is my water rusty?
25. Will the Cleveland Heights Division of Water adjust my water bill if I have a leak on my property?
26. Will my Homestead status be automatically renewed every year?